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I’m an English Literature university teacher-turned-academic coach and curriculum developer. As a learning and curriculum developer, I spend most of my time helping students and educators to understand how creativity and collaborative learning can enable students to build their academic literacies and succeed in their studies ✨


I’m on a mission to empower students to embrace their imagination, grow their confidence, and participate in their learning communities to inspire fun and collective approaches to academic development.


My wide-ranging teaching experience helped me to understand how curricula design and educational environments affect students’ abilities to achieve these goals. I enjoy working with fellow educators to explore the impacts of creativity, collaborative learning, and community-building on student success and sense of belonging. As a Curriculum Developer, I leverage my expertise in creative and collaborative pedagogies to help educators design curricula and classrooms that encourage students to engage with their studies, develop their academic practices, and thrive in their learning communities through creative collaboration.


While my background is in literary studies and education, I absolutely LOVE exploring all things pedagogy with people across subject areas. I believe these cross-disciplinary conversations help to spark imaginative approaches to teaching and learning. This passion (obsession?) motivated me to create the Study Matters Podcast, collaborate with colleagues across the UK higher educator sector on teaching projects, and share my pedagogical practice through publications and (inter)national speaking engagements. These adventures resulted in open access resources that support educators to reflect on and enhance their in-person and online teaching practices.

In 2020, I was honoured to receive a Keele Excellence Award in Learning and Teaching (Early Career), as well as the Bob Beattie Postgraduate of the Year Award, in recognition of my commitment to reflective practice and creating inclusive educational environments.


I share my teaching and learning resources, including single and co-authored publications, on my 'Teaching Resources' page.


Sound interesting? I’m open to new projects and collaborations, especially surrounding the topics of creative pedagogies, collaborative technologies, learning communities, and academic literacies.


You can get in touch with me via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. However we connect, I look forward to chatting with you! 👋

Photo of student blackout poetry

Photograph: Selection of students blackout poems

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