I have taught across multiple schools at Keele University (English Literature, American Studies, and Education) and have convened, lectured, facilitated seminars, and marked assessments on several modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I enjoy bringing my research into my teaching practice; as a result, I promote creative approaches to critical thinking in the classroom. For example, in addition to writing traditional close reading papers and research essays, students are encouraged to engage with critical concepts and communicate their academic work through creative means, including erasure poetry, collage, posters, film adaptations, and fiction writing. I am particularly interested in the relationship between writing and activism. To that end, I use the aforementioned activities to engage students in critical dialogue about the ways that literature and creative outputs can be used as tools for social engagement and change.

I am also passionate about student engagement and widening participation in higher education. These interests have motivated me to seek out additional teaching roles as a Higher Horizons+ English Outreach Tutor and a Write Direction Academic Tutor, through which I work to raise attainment and tackle inequalities in education.

Please see below for more info on my teaching record and experience.

Reading Literature
Starting Out: An Introduction to American Literature
Teaching Reflectively in Higher Education
Write Direction
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