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How can creativity and collaboration help to build socially engaged communities and cultivate academic literacies?  

My peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and blog posts centre around this question. I explore the potential for creative pedagogies and collaborative annotation technology to empower students to participate in their learning communities and unlock their imagination, equipping them with the critical skills to thrive at and beyond university. 

Click the buttons below to explore a select number of my publications and practical resources.

Collabotation Annotion

Collaborative Annotation

Reading Literature: Critical Pedagogies and Talis Elevate in Online Learning Communities

Peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of Academic Development and Education (2021). 

This open access article explores my use of the collaborative annotation tool Talis Elevate to promote critical pedagogic practices that empower students to engage in 'deep reading' and critical discussion of social inequalities in literature and wider society.

Creative Pedagogy

Creative Pedagogy

Poetry and Pedagogy: Using Blackout Poetry to Build Students' Academic Reading Literacies

Guest blog post published on the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education website. I reflect on my use of blackout poetry as an arts-based method to help students build their academic reading literacies. The blog post includes step-by-step instructions that can be adapted for other activities and areas of study.

Learnin Communities

Inclusive Learning Communities

History UK Pandemic Pedagogy Initiative

In 2020, I joined a team of academics from across the UK to create a series of open access resources on online teaching and learning, including The Pandemic Pedagogy Handbook.

I wrote two blog posts on community-building and collaborative learning in online teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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