My doctoral thesis focuses on collage methods, gender, and sexualities in twenty-first century feminist experimental poetry. My motivation for undertaking this research stems from an interest in poetry that includes found text and objects to participate in and document feminist activism in the contemporary US. The thesis analyses feminist experimental poetry published since 2001 in order to explore the effectiveness of collage methods in disrupting patriarchal ideologies that continue to enable gender-based violence in a supposedly 'post-feminist' era.

I have also conducted research on the poetry of Ely Shipley. My Masters dissertation argued that poetry provides Shipley a means of subverting oppressive narratives of marginalised (trans)gender identities, thus contributing to the construction of identity based on self-definition and lived experience. I have gone on to publish a chapter from this dissertation as a journal article. This article argues that Shipley uses poetry as both a reflection of and on contemporary US culture and its policing of gendered bodies, especially under the current Trump administration. My interest in LGBTIQ re-presentation and queer poetics continues in my current research, which focuses on the experimental writing of several LGBTIQ poets.

I have presented several papers based on my research across the UK since 2017 and have a forthcoming book chapter on Dodie Bellamy in The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sexuality, and Culture (edited by Professor Emma Rees).


Please see my CV for a full list of my publications and talks.

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