My PhD thesis focuses on formal experimentation and queer feminist activism in twenty-first century experimental writing. I analyse feminist experimental writing published since 2001 in order to explore the effectiveness of a range of compositional and formal techniques in disrupting dominant ideologies that continue to enable patriarchal violence and oppression in a supposedly 'post-feminist' era.

I have also conducted research on the poetry of Ely Shipley. My Masters dissertation argued that poetry provides Shipley a means of subverting oppressive narratives of marginalised (trans)gender identities, thus contributing to the construction of identity based on self-definition and lived experience. I have gone on to publish a chapter from this dissertation as a journal article. This article argues that Shipley uses poetry as both a reflection of and on contemporary US culture and its policing of gendered bodies, especially under the current Trump administration. My interest in LGBTIQ re-presentation and queer poetics continues in my current research, which focuses on the experimental writing of several LGBTIQ poets.

I have delivered several talks based on my research across the UK since 2017 and have a forthcoming book chapter on Dodie Bellamy's queer poetics in The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sexuality, and Culture (edited by Professor Emma Rees).


Please see my CV for a full list of my publications and talks.

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