I am a Curriculum Developer, educator, and PhD researcher at Keele University (UK) with seven years' experience of teaching and learning in the higher education sector. 

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I am interested in building equitable learning communities to support student participation and success.

Curriculum Design and Development

I provide interactive workshops and talks for educators to help them develop accessible and engaging practices in online and blended teaching.

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Technology-Enhanced Learning

I embed technology into teaching to enhance learning and promote collaborative working amongst students.


I am a Curriculum Developer, educator, and PhD candidate at Keele University who enjoys creating equitable and engaging learning experiences in online and in-situ classrooms. 

My goal is to help students and educators in higher education to create fun, accessible, and effective learning and teaching practices that fulfil their needs and aspirations.

Aimee has given a lot of thought to the creation of an effective, supportive and inclusive learning environment, particularly with relation to her research on trans inclusivity and other inclusive and supportive pedagogies. I have observed her teaching and can confirm that in practice this supportive environment leads to open and friendly discourse (and thus a good atmosphere for learning).

~ Dr Rebecca Bowler, Keele University

Aimee was a great listener and very understanding. I appreciated all of the useful links to academic blog posts and general tips that she gave me, and the advice was very concise and relevant to what I needed to work on. I will definitely encourage others to use this service [Write Direction], as it catered to the specificities of my problems.

~ Undergraduate, Keele University


History UK Pandemic Pedagogy Initiative

In 2020, I joined a team of academics from across the UK to create a series of open access resources on online teaching and learning, including The Pandemic Pedagogy Handbook.

I wrote two blog posts on community-building and collaborative learning in online teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.