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Photo of Aimee Merrydew: white woman, with mid-length blonde hair and red glasses

I'm a Curriculum Developer, educator, and PhD researcher at Keele University (UK). I'm interested in all things pedagogy and poetry, but get especially excited by collage methods and collaborative annotation in teaching, learning, and literature. 


I cultivate creativity in teaching and learning to inspire imaginative and fun approaches to academic development.


I embed technology into teaching to enhance learning and promote collaborative working amongst students and educators.

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I build equitable and socially engaged learning communities to support student participation and success.


Hi, I'm Aimee 👋🏻

I'm a Curriculum Developer, educator, and PhD candidate at Keele University on a mission to cultivate environments where students thrive and gain a sense of belonging in their learning communities.

I'm curious about all things pedagogy, but get especially excited by creative and collaborative teaching and learning methods. I encourage educators and students to understand how creativity and collaboration can be used to build academic literacies, not only to support students' success during their degrees but also to inspire their imagination and ability to tackle global challenges beyond university 💡

My interest in creativity and collaboration was sparked by my ongoing PhD research, which explores the pedagogical potential of collage methods and annotation in feminist experimental poetry communities. I enjoy bringing this research into my teaching and curriculum consultancy, motivating me to work with educators across disciplines to design curricula that promote academic literacy development and nurture socially engaged learning communities through creativity and collaborative annotation technology.

Alongside my work, I'm an intermittent artist, amateur cyclist, and full-time butler to my cat, Luna (seriously, she has her own doorbell...) 🖌️  🚲  🐈

Want to find out more about my research, teaching, and collaborative projects? Head over to my 'Research' and 'Teaching' pages for reflections and updates on my adventures in academia and curriculum development.

Sound interesting? I'm open to new projects and collaborations, especially in relation to creative pedagogies and social annotation. Get in touch with me using the email, Twitter, or LinkedIn icons.

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Aimee's use of blackout poetry and other annotation tools is inspirational. It's such an innovative and engaging way to teach and really enhances the student experience.

~ Dr Katherine Haxton, Keele University

Aimee has given a lot of thought to the creation of an effective, supportive and inclusive learning environment, particularly with relation to her research on [...] inclusive and supportive pedagogies. I have observed her teaching and can confirm that in practice this supportive environment leads to open and friendly discourse (and thus a good atmosphere for learning).

~ Dr Rebecca Bowler, Keele University


Reading Literature: Critical Pedagogies and Talis Elevate in Online Learning Communities

In 2021, I published an article on my use of the collaborative annotation tool Talis Elevate to promote critical pedagogic practices that empower students to engage in 'deep reading' and critical discussion of social inequalities in literature and wider society. 


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