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Modenschau (1925–35), Hannah Höch

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My research interests focus on US literature and culture, especially experimental writing movements. I am writing a PhD thesis on formal experimentation and queer feminist activism in experimental writing published since 2001. I argue that formal experimentation serves pedagogical and political functions when enacted by queer feminist writers. This research is generously supported by funding from Keele University and the David Bruce Centre for American Studies. Click here for more information about my research.


My interest in queer and feminist politics influences my teaching practice. Throughout my teaching career, one of my main focuses has been to promote inclusive education practices by developing sessions and resources that not only support students and educators to reach their full potential, but also to reflect on the ways that education and literature can be used as tools for social engagement and change. 


To achieve these aims, I have undertaken several teaching courses, organised events, given talks, facilitated continuing professional development sessions, and produced open access resources on a range of topics (diversity, learning communities, creative pedagogies, and online teaching). These activities provided students, colleagues, and myself with strategies for effective, fun, and equitable teaching and learning practices in various classroom environments. 

Click here for more information about my teaching philosophy and experience. 

Academic Coaching

My role as a Write Direction tutor within the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence has enabled me to pursue my interest in identifying and addressing educational inequalities further, particularly in relation to promoting inclusive learning environments and reducing attainment gaps in higher education. I work closely with a wide range of students, many of whom are from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds, on a one-to-one basis to provide them with study skills support tailored to their individual needs. I have also designed activities that encourage educators to reflect on their practice and how they might develop it in order to enhance student engagement and learning, with an emphasis on promoting accessibility and inclusivity. Feedback from students and colleagues attests to the effectiveness of my support.


My research and teaching have been recognised by multiple awards, including Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Keele Excellence Award in Learning and Teaching, and the Bob Beattie Postgraduate of the Year Award.

Speaking Engagements and Collaboration

I am keen to collaborate and speak about any of the above interests (and more). I welcome all enquiries about my research and teaching. You can get in touch with me by email or via Twitter.


I use she/her pronouns.

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